The future of science is here.

We are the first blockchain-based scientific ecosystem. Hosting a collaboration platform, funding platform and journal.

How it works?

Science Token

We are combining the needs of every researcher, scientist and academic into one massive Blockchain integrated platform. With the help of Ethereum Smart Contracts and IPFS we manage to create the most efficient, intuitive and transparent ecosystem to date. It will host a journal, collaboration and funding platform.

Ethereum + Science

Scienceroot will cover the main needs of every
scientist, researcher and academic worldwide

Our scientific ecosystem will be powered by its own unique currency Science Token (ST).

Everything covered

Scienceroot will cover the main needs of every scientist.


  • Individual profiles
  • Showcase your work
  • Private & public workgroups
  • Ask questions, find solutions & discuss research
  • Find and follow peers
  • Transfer & exchange funds in our unique cryptocurrency
  • Ranking system with monthly and yearly bonus rewards


  • Find and apply for international funding
  • Fiat and cryptocurrency grants
  • Contribute in crowdfundings
  • Post/find project openings
  • Solve problems and get rewarded


Publish your work in the first Journal of its kind, In which all contributors are rewarded:

  • Publishers up to 50% from article sales
  • Peer Reviewers up to 30% publishing cost

Everything will be accessible through one account to which only you will have the key.

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Our current team

Alexandru Chirita


Vlad Günther


Michael Schönbeck

Public relations

Frederik Huschebeck

Blockchain developer

Luca Tisu

Org. Development

Marius Balaj

Blockchain developer


Victor Serban

Blockchain Advisor

Marius Chirita

Scientific Advisor

Adrian Ieta

Scientific Advisor


Track our current progress

Concept of Scienceroot was created. Market research for similar projects, functionalities and features. Feasibility study of the concept.
Apr 2017

Market Research

Company Scienceblock founded. Draft of initial whitepaper. Hiring first team members and advisors.
Aug 2017

Groundworks of Scienceroot

Initial funding received. Branding, website and platform design. Concept discussion with field experts. Software development.
Oct 2017


Public crowdsale planning, smart contract development and audits. Public awareness campaign and partnerships agreements.
Q1 2018

Initial Coin Offering

Public beta release of our collaboration and funding platform. User adoption and increased marketing.
Q3 2018

Collaboration and funding platform

Public release of our first Journals. Selecting editorial board members
Q1 2019


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